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STICKY ASIAN-STYLE “MEATBALLS” (vegan, gluten-free*) Save this for an easy & tas…

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STICKY ASIAN-STYLE “MEATBALLS” (vegan, gluten-free*) Save this for an easy & tas…

STICKY ASIAN-STYLE “MEATBALLS” (vegan, gluten-free*)✨🥢 Save this for an easy & tasty dinner idea that is sure to impress friends/family! 😋⁣

I used beyondmeat meatless meatballs in this recipe and it worked a gem! 👌🏼These plant-based “meatballs” are high in protein (19g per serve), gluten-free, soy-free and have the texture of a real meatball, making them a great plant-based substitute. You guys can now pick them up from selected colessupermarkets stores across Australia if you want to try it! ✨⁣

This dish would be a great meal prep idea or as a quick weeknight meal! Here is the recipe ➡️⁣

ASIAN-STYLE GLAZED “MEATBALLS” (vegan, gluten-free*)⁣

Makes: 12 balls ⁣
✅ 1 pack of beyondmeat meatless meatballs (12 meatballs)⁣

✅ 1/4 cup soy sauce (*sub for Tamari if GF) ⁣
✅ 2 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce⁣
✅ 2 tablespoons vegan oyster sauce ⁣
✅ 1 teaspoon sesame oil ⁣
✅ 1 teaspoon garlic powder⁣
*Optional: chilli powder ⁣

To serve: ⁣
✅ Steamed rice⁣
✅ Steamed bok choy ⁣
✅ Sesame seeds ⁣
✅ Spring onions⁣

1. In a bowl whisk together the ingredients for the meatball glaze. ⁣
3. Heat a non-stick fry pan to medium-high heat. Add in the meatballs and cook for 3-4 minutes, turning once or twice to allow even caramelisation.⁣
4. Pour in the glaze and decrease the heat down to medium. Toss the meatballs through the sauce to coat. Place a lid on the fry pan and cook the meatballs for a further 5 minutes.⁣
5. Serve with steamed rice, asian vegetables, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and spring onions⁣

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it! 💓⁣


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